Designing better futures
for Ukraine: A YOUNG




Discover the space where science, art, culture, design and entrepreneurship merge to help develop cross-disciplinary social innovations — for better futures of Ukraine

  • creating prototypes of social innovations or entrepreneurial initiatives helping to reimagine post-war Ukraine – things that could be implemented there in the future
  • working online and onsite in cross-disciplinary teams representing different disciplines, interests and backgrounds
  • participating in 3 weekend-long design sprints in different Polish cities
  • being inspired by world-class experts and mentors from different fields
  • learning how to communicate and present your project effectively
  • taking part in public talks, workshops and networking events
  • making new friends and professional contacts

challenges aligned with
the Ukraine Recovery Plan

create solutions for challenges
aligned with the Ukraine Recovery Plan



Explore the future of wellbeing, memory, culture, entertainment and leisure in cities.




Seek ways to protect the dark sky and natural heritage through responsible tourism.




Create and prototype new ways of learning, teaching and sharing knowledge.

Hey! We're
Looking for you

We are looking for individuals who identify themselves as creative and eager to work in a multi-disciplinary setting. If you have special interests or an extraordinary talent – whether it be artistic, scientific, entrepreneurial, organizational or other – this program is for you. What matters is your motivation, competences as well as willingness and ability to work in a team.


  • you are a Ukrainian citizen currently residing in Poland a result of Russian invasion on Ukraine
  • you are between 18-30 years old
  • you like to create new things and care about social issues
  • you speak English
  • you can participate in all meetings during the program (events will be held online and onsite – please have a look at the detailed schedule below)
  • you consent to the rules of the program available here
  • frequently asked questions here


(3 online meetings)
(open event & weekend-long design sprint)
(open event & weekend-long design sprint)
Warsaw – final
(open event & weekend-long design sprint)
Finalizing prototypes and case studies

Martyna Bajbak

Weronika is a Government Affairs Lead at Microsoft Poland. Previously the director of the Digital & Fintech department at CEC Government Relations. Co-founder of ImpactCEE. She also worked at the National Bank of Poland as a specialist in the Foreign Department, where she cooperated, inter alia, with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Graduate of International Relations at the University of Wrocław and the Masaryk University in Brno. She was also a PhD student at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Warsaw.


Ewa is a cultural manager, since September 2019, she has been the General and Programme Director of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra (NOSPR). In April 2018, she was admitted as the first Polish woman member and the second woman ever to the international “ECHO” organization, which brings together 21 most influential music institutions in Europe. Recently she was also appointed to the position of Co-chair of the European Union Youth Orchestra. Previously, Ewa was Deputy Director of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute where she was also responsible for developing the "Polska Music" program, "Campuses" project, the I, CULTURE Orchestra and the Witold Lutosławski Year. Ewa holds a MA in Arts Management from the University of London. She was awarded the Clore Leadership Programme and the Leadership Academy of Poland scholarship.


Ievgeniia is an experienced project manager, who worked with urban planning and urban design projects in many Ukrainian cities. Between 2016 and 2021 she worked at the Mykolaiv Development Agency and the Kharkiv School of Architecture. Since April 2021 she has been an urban planning expert in Urbnanyna, a non-profit based in Kyiv. She also organized a series of multidisciplinary workshops in Ukraine, such as Dreaming Up the KhTZ and Rethinking the container settlement in Nikopol. Currently doing her Urban Planning Master's degree at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

Durska, PhD

Małgorzata is a sociologist and economist connected to the American Studies Center of the University of Warsaw (ASC). Executive Director of the Polish Business Roundtable, recipient of Fulbright scholarship (Indiana University and New York University), Erasmus Sigma and U.S. Department of State scholarship. Former Deputy Director of the Institute of the Americas and Europe (University of Warsaw) and coordinator of the Polish-American Entrepreneurship Program. Co-founder and the first director of Polish Professional Women Network.


Tarik is a film producer, co-founder and CEO of Match & Spark, a film agency representing audiovisual creators. Priorly working with Alvernia Studios and Platige Image. He was also a co-producer and a consultant of international productions such as “Who Will Write Our History”, “In the Name of Honor” or “Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski”.

Milenkova, PhD

Rymma works as an associate professor at Sumy State University, Lifelong Learning Center (Ukraine), a research scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, Stuart Weitsman School of Design as well as an art manager and as BureauArt art gallery curator. Her academic interests cover: Memory and Oblivion in the Contemporary Cities, Citizenship Education Through Art, Public Art and Identity, Public Art in Post-Soviet Countries. Rymma is also involved in international activities at the intersection of art, education, psychology and sociology in the role of a curator and general chair, eg. International Poster Competition “The Art of Living Together”, international conference “Design Functions in Modern World” and the University art gallery. She also works for non-formal education using art as an educational tool. As an artist, Rymma practices graphics, painting, land art and murals.


Anna is a film producer and entrepreneur. Co-founder of Match & Spark, a film agency representing audiovisual creators. Producer and co-producer of films such as “Arbitrage” with Richard Gere, “Vamps” with Sigourney Weaver, series “Klangor” and “Kruk 2” and, together with Nancy Spielberg, “Who Will Write Our History”. Currently focusing on production work and international development of Match & Spark as well as educational activities – she is a mentor in Hollywood Radio and TV Society programs. She graduated from SGH, Leadership for Poland and Łódź Film School, where she is a member of the University Board.

Russo, PhD

Pedro is a University Professor in Astronomy & Society at Leiden University, the Netherlands. He obtained his University degree in applied mathematics, physics and astronomy from the University of Porto, Portugal. Pedro was a research fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Germany. Pedro is involved with several international organizations, eg. the European Astronomical Society, Europlanet (European Planetology Network), the International Astronautical Federation. His work has received several awards, such as Seeds Special Award 2009, Scientix Best Educational Resource in 2015 and 2016, Most Innovative Educational Activities in 2017 and 2018 by HundrED and 2018 Leiden University’s K.J. Cath Prize. Pedro has been involved in developing programs for Leiden 2022, EU City of Science and will support future EU Cities in 2024 and potentially in 2026.

Wąsiński, PhD

Marek is the Head of the World Economy Team in the Polish Economic Institute. He has many years’ experience in analytical and research work, e.g. for the Polish Institute of International Affairs or Polityka Insight think-tank. The author and co-author of various publications on the economy, international relations and climate policy e.g. trade or climate policy. Participant and member of Poland’s delegation in 4 climate summits between 2013-2018. A graduate from the Warsaw School of Economics and the University of Warsaw. He actively promotes dialogues and exchange of knowledge among both: experts and academic groups. Marek organized several roundtable debates of international think tanks as well as scientific conferences, promoted student initiatives

Prof. Łukasz

Łukasz is an astrophysicist connected to the Astronomical Observatory at the Warsaw University. Master (2001) and PhD (2005) degrees at the University of Warsaw in the field of Astronomy. Pre-doctoral researcher at Tel Aviv University (2003) and Manchester University (2004). Post-doctoral researcher in the Institute of Astronomy, the University of Cambridge (2005-2015). Since 2011 adjunct at the University of Warsaw, habilitation degree in 2012, full professor since 2021. His research interests include gravitational lensing, black holes, transients and machine learning. Member of the OGLE project and the Committee of Astronomy of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Łukasz initiated the ground-based network of telescopes to conduct follow-up of Gaia alerts, organized under the umbrella of EC's OPTICON grant. He was the main organizer of seven Gaia Science Alerts workshops. Currently he continues his involvement in Gaia Alerts.

Ela Łazarewicz
-Wyrzykowska, PhD

Ela, Visiting Lecturer at the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology in Cambridge, is an internationally educated researcher, educator, coach and mentor. Ela teaches at the Medical University in Warsaw and acts as a trainer and facilitator in various academic and non academic contexts. She also leads and coordinates a home education initiative which she started six years ago. Ela’s past work experience includes acting as Assistant Director of an MA programme at Cambridge Theological Federation and supervising undergraduate students at Homerton College, Cambridge. She recently completed a postgraduate programme in Coaching and Mentoring at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities and Laboratorium Psychoedukacji in Warsaw. Ela is passionate about creativity and loves facilitating individual and group creative processes.

Ratajczak, PhD

Milena is an astronomer, assistant professor at the Astronomical Observatory at Warsaw University. She graduated from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, obtained Ph.D. at the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, the Polish Academy of Sciences in Toruń, and collaborated with Charles University in Prague and the University of Wrocław. Her scientific interests include variable stars, binary systems evolution, exoplanets studies, and the search for compact objects. Milena is a member of the OGLE all-sky survey, BRITE nano-satellites consortium, and Solaris network of telescopes project. She is involved in many science engagement initiatives related to astronomy and space sciences at the local and international levels.


Permanent associate of the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Leiden. Founder of the portals and, and their publisher in 2001-2013. Editor-in-chief of the magazine "Kosmos" in 2010-2014, and previously the publisher of the TV program "Magazyn Astronomia". One of the creators of the action. From 2012, he was also associated with the creative industry through cooperation with Platige Image, where as Associate Studio Director he co-founded Fish Ladder - a special task team. He was the initiator and producer of projects created in partnership with ESA - "Ambition", "Ambition - Epilogue" and "Rosetta VR". He is also the founder of Science Now - a company implementing projects in the field of science communication.


Kasia is a creative producer & music consultant with extensive experience in the culture/entertainment industry. Co-created the permanent exhibition of the Polish pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai (Science Now x Stellar Fireworks x Tellart consortium). Runs special projects of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice, including NOSPR AI in collaboration with IBM (2020). Developed strategic programs for the Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Polska Music/I, CULTURE Orchestra) & for the ONSTAGE mobile app. Runs the Automatophone Foundation, which carries out contemporary music & sound art projects, including social responsibility initiatives with deaf & unhoused communities. Classically trained cellist. Graduate of the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, Aspen Young Leaders Programme, Google for Startups Founders Academy & Warsaw Film School.


Martyna is a designer and researcher interested in fostering urban and social innovation through interdisciplinary and participatory design. Currently working at Science Now as design researcher and creative producer. A student of the postgraduate program “Cities and Metropolis. Urban studies” at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She has experience in product design, experience design, service design and social design. She conducted research projects such as “Protest Cookbook” investigating post-pandemic futures of protest and “Inter–Bodies” exploring the relations between gender, safety and space. Organizer of the ART+DESIGN+SCIENCE program (2020). Alumna of ART + DESIGN + SCIENCE program (2019). Graduate of Product Design at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow and Design Innovation and Citizenship at the Glasgow School of Art.


Ola is a multidisciplinary hybrid designer and researcher gravitating towards the design of intervention for untested futures, focusing on turning ideas into actions to transform the state of society by proposing small-scale interventions to approach large-scale challenges. Alumni of ART + DESIGN + SCIENCE program (2019 edition). She’s working on the intersection of design, research and strategy and exploring the world of design for children’s culture and life-long learning. Graduate of School of Form at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poznań, Poland and Master Studies in Design for Emergent Futures at Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain), currently a student at Aalto University (Espoo, Finland).

Frantseva, PhD

An astrophysicist by training, Kateryna is a project developer at the International Astronomical Union and Leiden University. She obtained her BSc and MSc in physics and astrophysics from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine, and PhD in planetary science and astrobiology from the SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research and the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. She worked as a postdoctoral research fellow and a lecturer at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Kateryna has advanced our understanding of how asteroids, comets and dust affect planetary surfaces in the Solar System and beyond, and for this asteroid number 13680 (1997 PY) was named Katyafrantseva. Since the beginning of 2022, Kateryna works in the Astronomy&Society group at Leiden University, where she focuses on developing projects to further the use of astronomy as a tool for sustainable development globally.


Paweł Śliwowski is an experienced analyst and socio-economic researcher. He is currently acting director for research of the Polish Economic Institute – a public economic think-tank based in Warsaw. Previously, he taught at the University of Warsaw and worked as a consultant and trainer for public sector institutions such as the European Commission, European Investment Bank, Chancellery of the Prime Minister and several ministries in Poland. Paweł is particularly interested in combining design thinking, behavioral science and scientific evidence in public policy design, implementation and evaluation.


Joanna is a product and interior designer, innovator and university lecturer. Specialist in sense of security design. Keen on discussing issues relating to the area of speculative and synesthetic design. Analogue astronaut and a two-time commander of space missions at Lunares Habitat. Meditation teacher and outer space enthusiast. Conducted research in cooperation with infuture hatalska foresight institute and Instytut Kontekstow Pracy. Her works have been honored at exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Participated in numerous design festivals (Lodz Design Festival, Gdynia Design Days, Dutch Design Week). Finalist of competitions such as: MakeMe, Young Polish Designer, Innovation Ad and Jutronauci.


Jessica Guy is a multidisciplinary designer and action researcher. Their work focuses on exploring participatory practices, community engagement and capacity-building activities in European creative and cultural research projects on a global and local scale. At Fab Lab Barcelona, Jessica is leading the research area "Distributed Design" which includes the coordination of the Creative Europe project Distributed Design Platform, contributions to the Horizon projects DAFNE+ and CitiObs and co-leading the Erasmus+ Project Makeademy educational programme. Furthermore, they are the Make Works worldwide coordinator and lead of Make Works Catalonia. Jessica has contributed as a researcher to the European-funded projects Pop-Machina, CENTRINNO and REFLOW. Jessica holds a Master degree in Design for Emergent Futures organised by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, in collaboration with the Fab Lab Barcelona and Fab Academy.


Karolina is a multidisciplinary designer and researcher that specializes in futures thinking. She is inspired by the possibilities of futures, bold visions and storytelling. Karolina uses creative tools and strategic thinking to help innovation-driven companies and organizations succeed by supporting their design process along the way. Co-founder of Busola Trends and a chapter leader for the Speculative Futures Rotterdam community. Graduate of Industrial Design Engineering at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands. Busola Trends is a foresight studio run by Małgorzata Piskórz and Karolina Thakker that explores the present and the past in order to prepare for tomorrow. They create strategies and future visions for public administration and businesses to support them in innovation. Their mission is to identify protopian solutions that inspire a better future.


Guillem is a designer and technologist working on projects bridging emergent technologies and grassroots communities. He is the executive director of Fab Lab Barcelona at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), the first Fab Lab in the EU and a benchmark in the network of over 1800 Fab Labs. Moreover, he led Smart Citizen, a platform that opposes the traditional top-down Smart City model, empowering communities with tools to understand their environment. As a researcher, he participated in many European-funded projects, including Making Sense, iSCAPE, GROW Observatory, Organicity, DECODE, ROMI and Reflow. He is also a lecturer in multiple IAAC programs, primarily at the Master on Design For Emergent Futures (MDEF).


Kateryna is a research assistant at School for Resource and Environmental Studies at Dalhousie University, Canada, with a background in International Relations. Her research revolves around environmental ethics in decolonial dialogues and connections between the Ukrainian nation and the environment. Escaping from the war in Ukraine in 2022, she crossed many borders. Ironically, the focus of her work is to question borderlines the existence of which we take for granted, namely the demarcation lines between humanity and nature, traditional knowledge and science, scholarship and art. She believes deconstruction of the divides is a self-reflective process as it begins with our convictions that something is separate from something else.


Edward is an astronomer and Education Director for Las Cumbres Observatory. He has a masters and PhD in astrophysics from Cardiff University. Since 2008 he has been developing astronomy education resources, in particular ones to use robotic telescopes. Edward co-founded astroEDU, a peer-review platform for astronomy education resources.  Edward created the science comic book series Ada's Adventures in science which has been given to 15,000 school children around the world and is available in 17 languages. In 2020 Edward was awarded the Lise Meitner Silver Medal by the Institute of Physics in UK. He is a coder, dad, and lutenist. His hobbies include mediaeval music, comic book, Lego and making IoT devices for his children.


Jack leads multidisciplinary teams as a Director of Production at Big Dreams, a strategy and design studio, where he is focused on shaping the process for each project. His recent work includes interactive exhibits for Biomuseo in Panama and the Polish Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, brand communications for Utilidata and Xcimer Energy, and service innovation for airport operations with Collins Aerospace. He has a background in industrial design, information design, and over two decades of experience in producing interactive multimedia. Jack has taught creative workshops and courses in design at institutions such as Rhode Island School of Design, and Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.


Alexandra Lange is a design critic. Her essays, reviews and profiles have appeared in numerous design publications, as well as in The Atlantic, New York Magazine, The New Yorker, and the New York Times. She is a contributor to Bloomberg CityLab, and has been a featured writer at Design Observer, an opinion columnist at Dezeen, and the architecture critic for Curbed. Her latest book, Meet Me by the Fountain: An Inside History of the Mall, was published by Bloomsbury USA in June 2022. Her previous book, The Design of Childhood: How the Material World Shapes Independent Kids was published by Bloomsbury USA in 2018.


Maciej was born in 1991 in Siemianowice Śląskie. He holds a Graphics M.A (2016) and a doctoral degree (2022) from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. Visual Artist. Author of objects, installations, prints and photographs. He focuses on themes related to the periphery, local identity and vernacular aesthetics. He relies on his own micro-narratives and the processing of heard stories and contexts. He lives in Radzionków, a small town which is for him an important source of reference and inspiration. Maciej is an author of the Greetings from a small town project (Pozdrowieniaz małego miasta): He is represented by Galeria Szara (

fot. Tomasz Jan Szymański,


Patrycja is an assistant professor at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Katowice. She obtained a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Silesia in Katowice. The main area of her research is the intersection of psychology, technology, and design. She is the author of the book "Readiness towards technology" and numerous scientific publications. Patrycja also combines academic and business experience. She cooperates with institutions, designers, engineers, and startups in strategic consulting and research. Since 2018, she has been designing and supervising UX research for Polish and global brands in cooperation with Mobee Dick, a design and research agency. She is also a post-diploma UX studies lecturer and a mentor of the DareIT program for women entering the IT workforce.

Gabriela Rendón, PhD

Gabriela Rendón is an urban planner, researcher, and educator committed to social and spatial justice. Over the last 15 years, she has worked with immigrant and low-income community groups facilitating participatory-action research projects, community-led plans, and neighborhood-based initiatives. Gabriela is a co-founder of Urban Front and Cohabitation Strategies, where she has collaborated in diverse urban and community projects commissioned by nonprofits, public agencies, municipalities, and national governments across cities in Western Europe, South America, and North America. Rendón is an Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Community Development and Director of the Housing Justice Lab at The New School, in New York City. She holds a Ph.D. in Spatial Planning and Strategy and an MS in Urbanism from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, and a BS in Architecture from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico. Gabriela was born and raised in Mexico and worked in the Tijuana/San Diego border region, where she developed a passion for housing and immigrant justice.


Ola is a Talent & Learning Senior Expert at ING Bank Śląski, where she looks after leadership. She has been working in the field of development and training for almost 15 years. She helps clients achieve success by improving competencies and changing habits. In her role as an Expert in international organizations (construction and banking industries) and as a Consultant in training and consulting companies, she has implemented a variety of projects from transformational to individual interventions. Regardless of her role, she has always supported clients in the design and implementation of development solutions focused on increasing business performance. She graduated from SWPS University in Warsaw with a degree in Clinical Social Psychology.


Change portfolio consultancy at ING Bank Śląski. A specialist in change management and an experienced project manager. Piotr likes to solve problems and support others on their way to excellence. For several years, he supported companies in the area of creating business strategies for organizations, as well as the concept of implementing changes, managing multiple projects at the same time and building incentive programs. Doctor of economics (management specialization) and university lecturer. Radio economic journalist and film and sailing fan.


Director of the ING Bank Śląski S.A. Management Board Bureau and President of the ING for Children Foundation. Joanna Dymna-Oszek has been working for ING since 2000. Since 2014 she has been the Director of the Bank Management Board Bureau. Corporate governance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability are her key areas of focus. Since 2021 she has also been the President of the ING for Children Foundation. In 2014-2017, she was Member of the Polish Bank Association Banking Ethics Commission and in 2019-2021 she sat on the ING Polish Art Foundation Management Board. Joanna Dymna-Oszek graduated from the University of Economics in Katowice.


A mathematician by passion, he graduated from the Silesian University of Technology. He has extensive experience in the IT world, having worked for 15 years in international IT companies in various leadership roles. With his passion for technology, he combines his interest in ways of organizing work in teams and organizations. He is currently pursuing his passions at ING as Way of Working Coach. Traveler and photographer.


Ewelina is a Product Area Lead, working with the Daily Banking Tribe at ING Bank Śląski in Poland. She is responsible for financial health education and tools that support customers in personal finance management. Ewelina has a master’s degree in political science. She is an expert in project management and holder of a PMP certificate and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Over the last 20 years she has coordinated the implementation of many complex cross-organizational business, IT, and regulatory initiatives at ING. Ewelina is a change practitioner, always open to new challenges, seeing opportunity in every difficult situation. She is involved in promoting knowledge about agile change management and leadership competencies development.


Maja says about herself:” I was born to work in HR”. Since 2017 she has been an HR director at ING Bank Slaski. She was previously associated with DHL and Tesco. Maja is an HR leader with over 25 years of experience in banking, logistics, supply chain and retail. She has 29 years of business experience, including 21 years in managerial positions. She built HRBP teams (TESCO, DHL, ING), changed the organizational culture at DHL, transformed leadership (TESCO, DHL), and transformed the role of HR (ING, DHL). She is an ICC coach, mentor and lifelong learning enthusiast. She is an EMBA graduate and cooperates with universities as a guest lecturer, among others, with Leon Kozminski Academy.


Beata is an Innovation Expert, representing Centre of Expertise ESG Innovation at ING Bank Śląski in Poland. She is an expert in designing innovative products and services, working actively as an innovation coach, mentor and trainer. Over the last 6 years she has actively conducted many workshops and training programs in the organization. She started in project management dept., continued her career path in innovation, currently involved in ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) and sustainable development, particularly in actions for the benefit of society. Beata is an energetic team player, keen on new challenges. She is absorbed in strengthening a sustainability learning culture at ING.


Piotr Kudzia is a young and ambitious leader at ING Bank Śląski. He believes that building strong relationships with people is key to achieving success in any project. Passionate about social initiatives that have a positive impact on communities. One of these projects was “Nasze Awar” where he was a mentor for 3 ambitious highschoolers. In the end the project won an award “best project in masovian district” in the prestigious social initiative “Zwolnieni z teorii” . Looking forward to the future, he is pursuing a career in psychology with the goal of helping individuals achieve their full potential and reach their goals. Eager to connect individuals wanting to create a better tomorrow.


Senior Expert – Innovation, ING Bank Śląski. Monika for over 6 years has been involved in the innovation area as an innovation coach and service designer. While running over 25 projects (in different formulas like accelerator, Google Design Sprints), she focused on empowering people to act as entrepreneurs. Helped them to discover the empathy which is necessary to understand the clients need, pains and the humility needed when designing solutions... for others. For over a year, she has been using her experience in ESG area (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) focusing on activities which bring value for the environment, customers and society.


Senior Specialist - Innovation, ING Bank Śląski. Since 2019, member of the Innovation Centre team in ING Bank Śląski. In her daily job Katarzyna uses Service Design techniques to create new products and services as well as to improve the existing bank offer. She is also responsible for the cooperation with the start-up environment. Since January 2022, as part of the Centre of Expertise ESG Innovation, she combines activities in the field of innovation, ESG and sustainable development. Katarzyna loves new technologies and is constantly looking for new solutions which could help change the world for the better. As a coordinator of the ING Grant Programme for start-ups and young scientists, she supports most innovative, sustainable start-ups on the Polish market.


Veronika is a communication designer & visual artist, specializing in communication systems & creative strategy development, content creation, PR as well as being involved in a variety of photo, video & audio production projects. Experienced multimedia designer, awarded as a voice over actor & creative audio creator in the best non-technical local initiative & improvement 2022 at Nokia. Media leader for IMPART event agency at The World Games (2017) & European Capital of Culture (2016), alumna 2016 of Council on International Educational Exchange in USA. Co-producer & co-host of Ukrainian podcast /Meni Zayshlo/, being responsible for a full-cycle development. Graduate of Communication Design at University of Wroclaw. Wanderlust human being. Loves filming & being on film.


Josh is a writer, editor and curator who focuses on the world of design and its position in the webs of folklore, identity, politics and futures. He received his MA in Design Curating and Writing from the Design Academy Eindhoven and cut his teeth at the independent publishers and exhibition space Onomatopee Projects, where he worked for three years as an editor and city curator. Currently based in Warsaw, he established the foundation and bookshop Ziemniaki i, which researches the social relevance of myth and folk practices by placing them in the context of populist politics, belief and digital technologies. Josh is the recipient of the 2022 Fondazione Fitzcarraldo scholarship in Cultural Policies at Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana and a contributing writer to publications including DAMN Magazine, Revista-ARTA, Dialog, FORMY, CritiCALL! and The Future of.




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Alexandra Lange

Pyramids and Junk: A Brief
History of the Playground

20//04//2023 - 18:00


Jessica Guy

Driving Design – A Distributed Design approach to enrich collaborative making practices

13//04//2023 - 18:00


Jack Lenk

From research to prototyping
in user experience design

06//04//2023 - 18:00


Kateryna Rudenko

On the Lookout for Ukrainian Environmental Ethics

30//03//2023 - 18:00


Pedro Russo

The Creativity Edge: Exploring Culture & Science Intersections

24//03//2023 - 17:30

Bialystok University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture Oskara Sosnowskiego
// Białystok

Edward Gomez

Creating sustainable,
equitable and innovative educational projects with
robotic tOOLS

23//03//2023 - 18:00


Gabriela Rendón

Collective knowledge to shape
the future of our cities

16//03//2023 - 18:00



New Model of Globalisation – Opportunities for Central and Eastern Europe

09//03//2023 - 18:00



Nudge for good! Behavioural sciences in social innovations

16//02//2023 - 18:00


Rymma Milenkova

Community public art
as a form of education

07//02//2023 - 18:00


Kateryna Frantseva

Merging astronomy and tourism
in Ukraine

09//02//2023 - 18:00


Ievgeniia Dulko

Ukrainian post-war
urban agenda

10//02//2023 - 18:00


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